"KODOMO" lierary means "Children" in Japanese.
Cute cube contains 28 regular size and 6 half size of MOKULOCK pieces.
An instruction memo is enclosed to build figures easily, and also "Eye" stickers are enclosed to give animal figures lively look.

Package size: 70mm x 70mm x 65mm
Block size(regular size): 16mm x 32mm x 13mm
Block size(half size): 16mm x 16mm x 13mm
Weight: 100g


  • The package contains a total of 34 blocks

  • These blocks are small pieces so it is suitable for Over 3 years old

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"MOKULOCK" are wooden blocks made from 6 types of natural wood (Japanese Cherry, Japanese Big Leaf Magnolia, Maple, Hornbeam, Birch, Japanese Zelkova) from Yamagata Prefecture. The manufacturer maintains the cutting accuracy of 1/100th cm with machines which are customised differently for all 6 types of woods.

Completely unpainted, unpigmented natural wood so it is safe and secure for children. MOKULOCK does not use any chemicals from manufacturing to shipment.

6 different kinds of wood randomly come in the box, each type of wood has a different colour, touch, scent, weight and sound. Those elements help develop children’s imagination.

Toy blocks don’t need techniques to play, everyone can enjoy them together. This kind of wooden toy can help children get interested in nature and enhance their self-expression ability and their creativity.

  • Type of Wood : Japanese Cherry, Japanese Big Leaf Magnolia, Maple, Hornbeam, Birch, Japanese Zelkova

  • Package Size: 70mm×70mm×65mm

  • Block Size: 16mm×32mm×13 mm / 16mm×16 mm×13mm

  • Weight: 1 set 95 g

  • Eye-shaped stickers included only for KODOMO set