KITPAS Tsumiki Balloon

KITPAS Tsumiki Balloon


Use these adorable creativity starters to draw on or write messages.

Dimension: L100xW100xH67mm

Content: Includes 1 tsumiki (wooden blocks) with a chalkboard paint surface, a pack of 6 colors of Dustless Chalk Slims, 1 tiny eraser

  • Chalk writes smoothly on the tsumiki surface and erases well

  • Made in Japan

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Kitpas have been producing Dustless Chalk and kids products for 80 years. Every single day, each of their employees works very hard to improve and make a difference. To respond their effort the company also makes utmost effort to realize joy of work for the employees. 

  • Safe: made mainly from calcium carbonate which is also used for toothpaste.

  • Heavy particle prevents its powder to fly apart to mess your room or clothes.

  • Clear: homogeneously-mixed particle allows clear writing without smear or graze.

  • Soft and Smooth touch allows longtime use without fatigue.

  • Lasts twice as long as gypsum chalks thanks to lower wear factor.

  • Coated body keeps your hand clean.

* Dustless Chalk is selected as compliant item for the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing.
* Product renewed! All Kitpas Dustless Chalk (calcium carbonate chalk) products use scallop seashells since 1 August 2005.