TAMANOHADA Welcome Soap Pomegranate

TAMANOHADA Welcome Soap Pomegranate


Tamanohada soaps are perfect for sensitive skin, hands and body. It's texture is between liquid and milk, leaving a delicate moisturize protection and scent to your skin.

  • Place of origin: Tokyo, Japan

  • RSPO mixed natural oils

Leaving your soap on a small dish will also lightly perfume your bathroom.

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3 scents are available:

  1. Black: Muscovado (Sweet)

  2. Red: Pomegranate (Fruit)

  3. White: Lily (Flower)

Founded in 1892, Tamanohada is one of the oldest soap company in Japan. Based in Tokyo, they debuted by producing soaps for schools and hospitals. In 2003, they started their first line of branded soaps, with a popularity growing year by year.

Each soap is made using a carved wood mold, like traditional Japanese pastries, using "RSPO" vegetable oils, a certification made in collaboration with Green Peace against deforestation.