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Make your child cry to toughen them up !

Posted on April 19 2021

Make your child cry to toughen them up, dry their tears with Nawrap, and distract them with Kitpass !

Bows & Arrows is revealing and bringing this traditional ceremony from Japan. This tradition is over 400 years old. During the festival, Sumo-san would make babies cry with the approval of the parents. It's super weird, but cute too. It's so wrong but we can't help laughing out loud.

After making them cry, Bows and Arrows team recommends drying tears with our favorite organic cotton face towel, and then a big hug and their favorite snacks !

This organic face towel has adapted a simple design, that features the pure natural color of the organic cotton itself.

Excellent water absorption and quick-drying, and feels soft whenever you wash.

As it is gentle on the skin without fuzzing, babies and sensitive skin can use it also with peace of mind.

If the kids are still "mad" at you, try to distract with crayons !: this Kitpas medium kit contains 16 colors which both children and adults can enjoy!

Kitpas chalks are thick enough to be held by kids, and will not be broken easily. There is a saucer in the package where you can use as a pallet. So, with a brush, Kitpas can be used also as paints.


Have a lovely Week!