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Makanai - Silk Cocoons Cleansing

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Silk Cocoons are used in Japan as a empress beauty secret since centuries and is a fundamental of Japanese's "Layering" beauty routine which advocate the return of one product for one benefit. 

Fibroin, a protein in the silk, has a good scrub qualities. Even though it's soft for the face, it has a fine rough surface enough to cleanse deeply your skin and absorb impurities and clean out dead skin.

Then, the sericin, an another silk protein has a moisturizing properties and has 20 amino acids, natural antioxidants. The pores are then cleansed and skin texture gets better with time. These two proteins are generally used in cosmetic on a very slightly quantity. By applying it in its purest form directly on your skin, you benefit of a luxurious face care thanks to nature !

How to use:

  • Hydrate one silk cocoon with warm water (around 40°) for few minutes
  • Put one cocoon on your finger, as a thimble.
  • After removing your make-up and cleansed your face, wipe the silk cocoon with circular movements
  • You can use one silk cocoon for about two times if you dry it without a direct sun contact
  • A pack contains 10 silk cocoons