Orange Curious Peloqoon

Orange Curious Peloqoon


Kosho-Kosho Charm  by  Peloqoon   

A Googly  eyed  character, DzKosho-Koshodz  charm  from a  handmade  plush doll.  

"Peloqoon" by  Madoka  Morikawa. Put  on  a key  chain  or on  a  bag  to  snuggle up  the  fluffy cuddle  buddy  in your  daily  life.   Peloqoon:  Peloqoon  is a  handmade  plush doll  by  Madoka Morikawa  and  the name  of  the brand  is  a coined  word  combining Japanese  onomatopoeia  of dog  slurp,DzPelo-Pelodz  and sniff  sound,  DzKun-Kundz. The  brand  offers creepy  yet  cute characters.    

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Beams is a very famous select shop and clothing brand in Japan. For years they have dedicated a small space to something they call, “Beams Cultart”. This was originally started to promote Japanese artists whose work could be seen as toys but they saw past it and curated a space to support these artists. We are happy to work with them.