About Our Shop

For 20 years we have worked with the FINEST Japanese brands to bring you the best items from Japan. Carefully selected, rich in history, all made in Japan. This is our concept.

 Places in Japan where brands are born

Places in Japan where brands are born

Reaching into Europe and more 

Our company is based in Paris, France ans is present in Europe's main market including UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and more. Please tell us if you'd like to work with us and help us share the stories behind beautiful Japanese objects around the world. 

A passion for Japan

Our founder is passionate about Japan, Japanese culture. He travels to Japan 2 to 3 times a year and is keen on seeing the fabrication process of each brands, keen on seeing the magic happen thanks to the Japanese craftsmen. If we can tell the story of each product well and help safeguard the endangered heritage of craftsmanship in Japan, we will have succeeded.